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I am not doing yoga because I am flexible, I am flexible because I am doing yoga.


it is never too early or never to late to start yoga.

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Yogaheks - Orsolya Sándor
RYT 500

I started practicing yoga 25+ years ago, but I could fulfill my dream and become a certified yoga teacher (registered at Yoga Alliance) only in 2020.

Since 2020 I regulary give classes online, offline or even in private mostly in English, but in French as well.

My specialities: Kids Yoga, Trapeze yoga, Yoga stretching (YIn yoga and Gravity yoga)


What do we do?

We give yoga classes for kids and adults in and around Herent (3020) in Belgium. Our specialities are: Kids yoga (Yoglish!), Yoga stretching (Science of Stretching and Yin yoga), Trapeze yoga. You can join either in one of our collective classes or just ask for a fully personalized private class.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga practices in person (in Herent/ Belgium)

Private yoga practice in Herent

Yoga Equipment

Special offer for athletes


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