Monday = Yoga at Het Centrum

Het Centrum is a very nice community centre in Herent (3020) just next to the Oxfam Shop.

You can easily park there or leave your bike outside.


The different cards give access exclusivment to the collective yoga classes for adults organized at Het Centrum.

Everybody has the right for a trial class for 5€. This trial class can be used only once per person, so you have to decide which yoga class you would like to try (Trapeze or Gentle yoga).

None of these cards give access to private classes or the yoga classes for children.

The cards are personal, so only the person whose name was registered for the card, can use it.

In order that we can respect the environment, no physical card will be issued (only just in case of special request).  The follow up will be digitally, 

Yearly card 2.: this is a special yearly card, which can be paid monthly. It means that you engaged yourself with this card for 12 months. It cannot be cancelled during the 12 months only in very special cases. Please always contact us first in order that we can find a solution which is good for both parties. In case of cancellation a fee of 25€ is applicable for our administration costs.

In general: you do not have to book your classes, just pop in and join us for a yoga practice. However if there are no more places, we have to do "the first come first practice" principle, so try to be there a bit earlier. People who booked their place or people with Yearly card have priority in case of conflict.