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Karma yoga at Open Gym


Do you know Open Gym?

it is a place under the Viaduct in Wilsele where you can find an outdoor gym with lots of tools.

There is a boxring, a hugh climbing zone.

The place is open for everybody who would like to practice outside and not in a crowded gym.

You can follow your own workout plan, but there is also a manual on the website where you can choose from different workouts adapted to the tools you can find at Open Gym.

There are lots of activities and Sander and Gunnar are open for new ideas, just contact them.

About my Karma yoga?

Each yoga teacher has a time when they organize different yoga classes for FREE. It is their Karma yoga, where they just want to share their joy and experience with yoga.

My Karma yoga is the Science of Stretching, which is one of my favorite yoga as it allows everybody and every body to gain (back) the flexibility we use in our everyday's life.

And why at Open Gym?

Yoga stretching is really good for athletes, joggers, runners, crossfitter etc. and it is the best after a hard workout.

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