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Buying A Car Project For Students

Beginning in the 1770s, many people tried to make cars that would run on steam. Some early steam cars worked well, and some did not. Some were fire pumpers that moved by themselves, and others were small locomotives with road wheels. Beginning in the 1880s, inventors tried very hard to make cars that would run well enough to use every day. These experimental cars ran on steam, gasoline, or electricity. By the 1890s, Europeans were buying and driving cars made by Benz, Daimler, Panhard, and others, and Americans were buying and driving cars made by Duryea, Haynes, Winton, and others. By 1905 gasoline cars were more popular than steam or electric cars because they were easier to use and could travel further without adding fuel. By 1910 gasoline cars became larger and more powerful, and some had folding tops to keep drivers and passengers out of the rain.

buying a car project for students

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1 Math Modeling Buying a Car Project Name Period For this project, you will research the process of buying a vehicle. You will have two class periods to work on this project. The final project is due on 4/17 (A day) and 4/16 (B day), and it will count as a double quiz grade on your 5 th 6-weeks grade. Record the requested information about each vehicle below. All of your work must be shown to receive credit. If you need extra space to complete your calculations, show your work on a separate page, and attach it to this packet. 1. Pick two vehicles that you would like to own. One of them will be a sensible vehicle that is moderately priced and can get you from point A to point B. The other vehicle can be anything you want. For example, you can choose a Ford Focus and a Hummer H3. Make & model Year Make & model Year Price of vehicle (MSRP) (A) Price of vehicle (MSRP) 2. When you buy a car, you must pay sales taxes (6.25% of vehicle price) and a title fee ($33). Tax 6. 25% of (A) (B) Tax Title (C) Title Total vehicle cost (A+B+C) (D) Total vehicle cost 3. You will be financing these vehicles from the Anderson Credit Union. You will randomly select a down payment percentage, an APR, and the length of your loan. Use Auto Loan Calculator on and lines G, H, J to calculate monthly car payment. Down payment (%) (E) Down payment (%) Down payment ($) (D) of (E) Total amount to be financed (D- F) (F) Down payment ($) (G) APR (H) APR Total amount to be financed Length of loan (J) Length of loan Monthly car payment Monthly car payment

4 7. You will be presenting the information that you have collected to the class (A day: 4/17; B day: 4/16). a. You must present your information visually. You may use a PowerPoint presentation, custom website, poster board, etc. Use your imagination! All of the steps you walked through on this worksheet must be present in the visual presentation, and the visual presentation must be done neatly. i. If you are using a visual presentation medium that needs to be accessed through a computer, you must your visual presentation to your teacher by 7am on the project due date. 1. Teacher addresses: a. Ms. Felux: b. Mr. Rangel: b. You must be prepared thoughtfully discuss the information you gathered with your classmates. Each verbal presentation must be at least 3 minutes long. 8. You must turn in the following items on the date the project is due: a. Completed worksheet b. Presentation c. Rubric with self-assessment column completed

Gas Money Gas isn t free. In fact, it s one of the largest expenses many people have each month. For the sake of this project, let s say that you drive an average of 300 miles each week (300 x 4 = 1200

Seventh Grade Project Based Lessons Teacher Materials Summer Dreamers BUYING A CAR Begin Project during WEEK 1 By the end of this project each student should have real world knowledge of what is required

Seventh Grade Project Based Lessons Teacher Materials Summer Dreamers 2013 BUYING A CAR Begin Project during WEEK 1 By the end of this project each student should have real world knowledge of what is required

lesson nine cars and loans overheads the cost of owning and operating a motor vehicle ownership (fixed) costs: Depreciation (based on purchase price) Interest on loan (if buying on credit) Insurance Registration

Sixth Grade Problem Solving Tasks Real World Projects Teacher Materials Summer Dreamers ADJUSTING A RECIPE Begin Project during WEEK 1 By the end of this project each student should have real world knowledge

Teacher's Guide $ Lesson Nine Cars and Loans 04/09 cars and loans websites Being prepared is the best way to keep car-buying choices and decisions on the right track. Students need to examine all aspects

A Car for College? By Maxine Casey Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Lesson Plan of the Year Contest, 2007 2008 Third Place LESSON DESCRIPTION This is a four-day computer-based research project in which

INTRODUCTION For your introduction to the project, PAUSE NOW from reading this, and carefully review the Cyber Security Careers Project Introduction PowerPoint. Now that you know what your project entails,

Title: How Will I Survive? Brief Overview: Middle school students need practical application to experience the ups and downs of finance that plays an integral part of our adult lives. Students will use

JA ECONOMICS FOR SUCCESS (2012 Version) Important Notes: Reference Working with Students page before teaching. Session 1 When giving directions to students, please provide oral and written explanation

Lesson 9 Take Control of Debt: Use Credit Wisely Lesson Description In this lesson, students review the balance sheet (Lesson 1) and the budget worksheet (Lesson 2) and consider ways to use these two documents

Presentation Slides $ Lesson Nine Cars and Loans 04/09 costs of owning and operating a motor vehicle ownership (fixed) costs: Depreciation (based on purchase price) Interest on loan (if buying on credit)

NAIC Consumer Shopping Tool for Auto Insurance Need Auto Insurance? Here is What You Need to Know. Whether you are buying auto insurance for the first time, or shopping to be sure you are getting the best

Why Buy 5200 Lake Worth Road Greenacres, FL 33463 561-459-8924 1 During the car buying process, you have to make a lot of decisions. Before you even step foot in the dealership, you have to decide whether

Credit Lesson Description Concepts In this lesson, students, through a series of interactive and group activities, will explore the concept of credit and the impact of liabilities on an individual s net

Buying a Used Car Length : 9-12 hours L earning Situation at a Glance Brief description Determining the cost of buying a used car. Broad Area of Learning : Environmental and Consumer Awareness Legend Categories

Apple could take a look at struggling electric-vehicle startup Canoo to help it build up its car project. Also: Apple is preparing to switch the iPhone connector from Lightning to USB-C, Google launches a slew of new hardware, and R.I.P. to the iPod.

The Apple Car project has shifted and changed multiple times over the course of the last several years due to internal strife and leadership issues, but development is on track. Though 2016 rumors suggested Apple had shelved plans for a car, by 2020, it was back on. In 2022, it was revealed that Apple's plan for a fully autonomous vehicle was not going to work out, with the project scaled back.

Apple's AI and machine learning chief John Giannandrea is heading up the Apple Car project, and Kevin Lynch, known for his work on the Apple Watch, has also joined the Car team and it said to be largely responsible for Apple's push toward an autonomous vehicle. Under Lynch's leadership, Apple scaled back the car project to something that would be feasible for launching this decade.

"We're focusing on autonomous systems. It's a core technology that we view as very important. We sort of see it as the mother of all AI projects. It's probably one of the most difficult AI projects actually to work on." -- Apple CEO Tim Cook on Apple's plans in the car space.

Apple is aiming to launch its autonomous car by 2026, but given the ambitious nature of the project, it might not make that target date or we could ultimately see the project delayed. The Apple Car has already suffered from several launch date pushbacks, and the scope of the project has shifted, so it could see further changes in the years before launch approaches.

We still have years to go before an Apple Car is ready to debut, and we'll likely hear much more about the project as Apple will need to seek deals with a whole new set of supply chain partners in order to manufacture a vehicle.

Apple was aiming for an ambitious design that is unlike any existing car, according to a report from The Information. Former Apple design chief Jony Ive is involved with the project as a consultant, and he believes the Apple Car team "should lean into the weirdness of the vehicle's design and not try to hide its sensors."

The initial design for the car featured four seats that face inward, allowing passengers to have face-to-face conversations with one another, plus it had a curved ceiling that resembles the roof of a Volkswagen Beetle, but with the project shifting toward a standard electric vehicle with some self-driving capabilities, it will now have a much more standard design.

According to The Korea Times, Apple is "very near" to signing an agreement with LG Magna e-Powertrain. Apple is apparently comfortable with LG Magna e-Powertrain's smaller manufacturing capacity, from which it may be inferred that the company does not intend to produce the vehicle on the same large scale as other major automakers. Apple's first-generation of electric vehicles is reportedly seen as an opportunity to evaluate the project's marketability, rather than a true mass-market vehicle.

Apple is allegedly working on the chip modules and packages or the autopilot functions of the Apple Car, partnering with an outsourced semiconductor assembly and test company (OSAT) located in South Korea. The project is led by Apple's regional offices in South Korea. 041b061a72

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