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Yoga op mijn school

We zoeken partnerships met scholen rond Herent, Veltem, Wijgmaal, Wilsele enz. Wij bieden onze kindvriendelijke yogales (compleet met Mindfulness en Brain Gym, gericht op Ademen) aan uw leerlingen aan als naschoolse activiteit voor een geweldige prijs. Yoga beoefening in het Frans en/of in het Engels. Neem contact met ons op als je school interesse heeft.

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School Kids Meditating

Yoga at school



École de Dion

Vendredi (salle de gym)

15h30 - 16h25  - M3-P4




2022 - 2023

École de Chaumont


15h50 - 16h45 - P1-P4




2022 - 2023

Votre école?

Interessé aussi? Contactez-nous.





Yoglish is a series of engaging, entertaining workshops combining Yoga with English. Each workshop incorporates a story, a song, a breathing exercise and a short, guided meditation. This style of yoga is non-denominational, free from religious rhetoric and accessible to all.

During the year we work on different themes. Children will learn and improve their basic vocabulary (colours, numbers, body parts, directions etc) by practicing yoga. Each yoga pose carries a name such as; boat, tree, eagle, mountain, bridge, dog, flower etc, These words are seamlessly woven into the stories and participants are encouraged to recreate the relevant poses whenever they hear the target words. The same principle applies to songs and the children have a lot of fun learning and re-creating the poses in time to the music.

The yoga classes are 100% adapted to kids.

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I’m sure we can all agree that the best way to learn a foreign language is through immersion and practical application. One great way to do that is through a yoga class!  Now, more than ever, physical activity is important for health - so, why not combine a good workout with a language class?

Practicing yoga and learning foreign languages have more in common than you might imagine and they are both fantastic ways to exercise one’s mind.

In Herent at

Het Centrum & Ayuryoga

you can choose at subscription

Different price according to your choice

from 320 € / school year

Early birds until 31/08/2022

Monday at 5 pm (Het Centrum)


Thursday at 5 pm (Ayuryoga)

Free discovery class

during summer at Het Centrum or Ayuryoga

at  5 pm


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